Coconut Cove Fringe Crochet Pant Set - White

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Let's be clear...this set is for turning heads! You will be the talk of the pool party in this one! If you've been looking for the perfect vacay outfit to make a sexy statement, while also keeping it cute, this one is it!


  • Top and pants included
  • Waistband is stretchy
  • Fabric in the butt and thigh has some give but is not stretchy

**Due to the design of this pant, the easiet way to put them on is to scrunch the pant leg up from waistband to bottom and simply slide your leg through. Your foot will get caught in the gaps if you rush and try to put them in.**


The strings at the top of the pants are a little looser by design. This to avoid any tearing of the fabric when stretched to put them on.


100% acrylic


Model is 6' wearing US size Medium with 37" inseam


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