Cabo Maxi Dress - Floral

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Don't miss out on this beautiful maxi dress! The sheer fabric makes it the perfect dress for Summer walks along the riverfront or beach, and the gold chain detailing adds that extra glam we all love! It's the perfect length for heels or flats, so whether you're grabbing dinner or sightseeing, you'll be the best dressed. (And yes, there were TONS of compliments on this one as were taking pictures!) You won't regret adding this one to the collection!

Also worn with the black Flair Sandal! Click here to shop the shoes now!


  • Gold chain waist detail
  • Elastic skirt opening
  • The floral print does not have underlining
  • 51" and 53" skirt length options


Which skirt length to get:

The first question is do you plan on wearing heels, and how tall are you and your heels?

Model is 6' and wearing 4.25" heels. She has on the 51" skirt length. In the full length picture you can see the dress is floor length. If you're 6'3"+ and plan to wear tall heels and want your dress to sweep the ground the 53" skirt offers that extra length for you. If you're going with flats or a shorter heel, both skirt options could work depending on your height. The great thing about these dresses is that they're the prefect length to be able to wear both flats and heels!



100% Polyester



Model is 6' and wearing size Medium with 51" skirt length