Piper Foldover Jumpsuit - Dark Gray

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What's not to love about the "Piper Foldover Jumpsuit"? It's soft, comfy, stretchy, and oh so stylish. Throw this go-to off the shoulder jumpsuit on in seconds and look effortlessly amazing.



36" and 39"


95% Polyester, 5% Spandex


Model is 6'1" and wearing US size S in 39" inseam


Customer Reviews (2)

Review of Jumpsuit

Posted by Dedria on 25th Jan 2021
I love this jumpsuit! It’s almost too long! I’m 6’2 and I can wear 4 inch heels and it still almost drags the ground! The one issue is the way that it folds over at the shoulders. It doesn’t stay folded over if you lift your arms. I’ve had to get creative and find other ways to wear the fold over part. The material is thick enough and soft.


Posted by Dru on 15th Nov 2020
This jumpsuit is so comfy, stylish, and EXTREMELY long! I am 6 ft tall and even with 4 inch heels on, the fabric goes under my shoes so I have to take it in (no complaints though, I don't come across length like this very often! People over 6 ft will really appreciate this piece). Only thing that can be improved is the fold over style, which unfolds when moving my arms too much. I constantly have to adjust it and re-fold. The arms can also use additional length. Other than that, this piece is gold!
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